Zhejiang Wansheng Co., Ltd. is a public listed company traded at Shanghai Stock Exchange Center, stock code: 603010. It has one R&D center, three major production factories and a globalized sales and service network with Asian regional offices located in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhejiang and Hong Kong. With the support and activities of Wansheng Europe BV and Wansheng Material Science (USA) Co., Ltd, our customers in the European and American markets are offered tailored products and services. Zhejiang Wansheng Co. Ltd is becoming one of the major functional chemical producers in areas that include organic phosphorus based flame retardants, special amines and cardanol based curing agents and diluents. As one of the major phosphorus based flame retardants producers, Zhejiang Wansheng has production capacity of 95,000 tons of flame retardants of various grades, which are mainly used for engineering plastic, insulation materials and PU for automobile and furniture purpose. As one of the major producers of special amines in China, Zhejiang Wansheng has production capacity of 40,000 tons of various amine products, which are used in PU, electronic chemicals, household chemicals, pharmaceutical, agrochemicals, etc. As one of the major producers of cardanol based products, Zhejiang Wansheng has the production capacity of 20,000 tons of cardaol based curing agent and diluents as well as 20,000 tons of cardanol.

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